C Switch Case Statement With Example


Switch case in C programming The Switch case is a specified multi-way decision-maker that tests whether an expression produces one of several static values. In other words, the switch statement causes a particular group of statements to be select from several available groups the selection is based upon the current value of an expression i.e … Read more

printf( ) and scanf( ) With Example


how printf and scanf works printf() and scanf() functions are inbuilt library functions in C programming language which are available in C library by default. These functions are declared and related macros are defined in “stdio.h” which is a header file in C language. printf() function in C language: In C programming language, printf() function … Read more

Operator precedence and Associativity Table C


Operator precedence In C Operator precedence in C determines which operator does perform first in an expression with more than one operator with another precedence. For example, x = 6 + 8 * 5;Here, x is assigned to 46, not 70 because the operator * has precedence over +, so it is first multiplied by … Read more

Basic Data Types In C With Example


Data Types In C What is Data Types? Data Types usually defines a set of variables, which can be stored with the variable along with operation that may be performed on those values. Data type indicates the type of data, a variable can have. In other words, Data types in c define the way in which values and range … Read more

Limitations of Variable Names C Language

Limitations of Variable Names Variable names can start with the character and a collection of characters. For example. a, x, name, std1, etc. It is used to store data of any type like Integers, Decimals, Full Name. Simple Patterns In C Simple Patterns like Stars, Diamonds, Triangles, Pyramids, etc. in C Programming Language.Here, we go … Read more

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